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2024 TBS Campus Campout

Here are the Guidelines for the 2024 TBS Campus Campout!
  • FUN is our #1 goal.  Your enthusiastic participation will make this event memorable.
  • YOU are NOT required to sleep outside, or sleepover at all!.  If you’d like to sleep in the Social Hall or at home, that’s fine, just please designate a responsible adult for any your child/children.
  • Please bring the following: Pillow, sleeping bag, air mattress, warm clothing, hat, rain gear, water bottle, flashlight, sun protection, medication(s), beach chair, and a beach blanket.
  • Activities will be all over our campus, so bring comfortable shoes AND perhaps a pair of flip-flops if you like. 
  • Please park your vehicle behind the security fence. 
  • Our tent/sleeping area, the lawn closest to the Multi-Purpose Room, will be a “NO smellable area.”  This will reduce the likelihood of any potential night-time visitors from exploring near us.  This means that only water bottles (filled only with water) and sleeping campers, tents, etc, will be allowed in this area.
  • Please feel free to bring a simple board game (checkers, backgammon, etc.) if you like.  Our schedule is pretty packed, but you always have the option of sitting out or staying up late playing a quiet game in the living room.
  • Talent Show!  We’d love for individuals, duos, groups, families, etc. to sing a song, perform a skit, tell a clean joke, perform a magic trick between Story time and S’mores. 
  • Saturday schedule. Some activities overlap:
    • Registration: 2-3pm
    • Set-up: - Tents 2-3:30pm
    • Art Craft: 3-4pm. 
    • People Bingo: 4-4:30pm
    • Lawn Games: 4:30-5:30pm
    • Scavenger Hunt: 4:30-5:30pm
    • Dinner: 5:30-6:30pm
    • Havdalah: 6:15pm
    • Story time: 6:30pm
    • Campfire & talent show: 6:45pm
    • S’mores: 7:30pm
    • Song Session: 7:30pm
    • Story time: 8pm
    • Star/Planet Gazing: 8-9pm
    • Lights out/Quiet Time: 9pm
  • Sunday schedule:
    • Wake-up: 6:30-7am
    • Donuts, Bagels, Coffee, Orange Juice: 7-8am.
    • Morning Service with Rabbi Sobel: 8am
    • Camp Tear-down and clean-up: 8:30am
    • Closing circle: 9:30am
    • Departure: 10am
   0-2 (FREE)
   16-17Adult supervision required for every child under the age of 16.
(If a parent/guardian doesn't want to sleep outside or in the social hall, they will need to assign another adult that is staying to be responsible for their child/ren prior to leaving the event.)
Additional Donations to the General Fund at TBS allows us to create and sustain programs like this. Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Fri, May 17 2024 9 Iyar 5784