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Temple Beth Sholom blends the tradition of a longstanding, multi-generational Reform synagogue with the innovativeness of bright, vibrant clergy and staff in a warm, welcoming environment. We nurture you and your children with spiritually uplifting services, lifelong Jewish education and exciting programs for all ages. We are an extended family that is there for you in simcha and in sorrow.

We celebrate our rich diversity as a congregation, a community of many communities. We are a great intergenerational family in a place where we care for and about one another. We are newcomers and old-timers, children and adults, individuals and couples and families, multi-racial families, LGBT and straight, Jews by birth and by choice, non-Jewish partners and spouses. Interfaith families are always welcome.

Temple Beth Sholom is all that and more. There’s something for everybody. For more than 70 years, Temple Beth Sholom has served Jewish people in Orange County with programs talked about all over the country. Come and find out why so many people come home to Temple Beth Sholom. It’s a habit that could last a lifetime.

Rabbi Heidi Cohen has served as a Rabbi at Temple Beth Sholom since 1998. She possesses a desire to share and adapt traditional Jewish concepts to a modern Reform context and a gift of being able to teach people of all ages to embrace the joy of Judaism. Her energy and enthusiasm have made her an important presence on the pulpit, while her knowledge and empathy have been evident in sermons, classes, retreats, and life events.