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My Bubbe Meise (Grandmother’s Tale)

By Donna Fliegler At the beginning of the last century, my grandmother, Yetta Post, left her parents and sister in the village of Suvalk Gubernia, Poland (which was then part of Russia) with her young husband, Sam, and baby son, my uncle Harry. Yetta and Sam had married when they ...
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Shabbat Shalom

By Barry Leshowitz In a pair of Shabbat messages, a dear family friend, Mat Kozinets and I, share our feelings about the passing of my wife, Phyllis. Aug 23, 2019 Hi Mat, Shabbat Shalom! I am so thankful to receive your Shabbat messages: Words can't describe my feelings. Which brings ...
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Toward Serenity

by Donna Wolfe Reflecting on the year 5779 I see much that has happened or changed in my life, for example:
  • Suffering both the losses of very dear ones and the gains of new intriguing friendships
  • Taking the consciousness-raising I-Engage course here at TBS to examine what I believe ...
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