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Mitzvah Meals would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We would like to thank our volunteers who worked last Sunday November 18. Steffanie and Steve Belasco, Steve Lipson, RIchard Stein, Ilan Feingold, Stacey and Josh Wilcox. We would like to thank Melinda Weiss and the 7th grade Discovery Class from Temple Bat Yahm for baking brownies and delivering them to our temple. They were sent out to the many sites we serve on Sundays.


Thank you all,
Cheryl Escoe




This week’s wish list:
Kosher salt, garlic powder, brownie mix, dish towels, chefs’ knives, large aluminum foil, canola or vegetable oil.


Temple Beth Sholom Social Action Mission Statement
Using the gifts, talents and resources God has given us, we will make a difference in our local and global communities by performing mitzvot and other acts of Tikkun Olam. We will connect to each other and our community by integrating social action in all areas of our congregation. We will serve as role models and inspire others in our community to become involved in the pursuit of justice and Tikkun Olam.

In September of 2010 Temple Beth Sholom launched its Mitzvah Meal program in accordance with our Social Action Mission Statement which charges us to “perform mitzvot and other acts of Tikkun Olam.” Our Mitzvah Meal program has energized and is a source of pride for all our congregants, including our Preschool and Religious School students who have food drives and donate their tzedakah specifically for Mitzvah Meals. There are many opportunities to support Mitzvah Meals; join us in the kitchen on Sunday mornings, donate items from our weekly Online News wishlist, serve the needy at the various locations or bake desserts.

Our Temple Beth Sholom Mitzvah Meal program currently provides sustenance for approximately 1200 underserved men, women and children in our community every month. We prepare nourishing, tasty meals in our temple kitchen every Sunday. We prepare and serve food for Orange County Rescue Mission, Casa Teresa, Isaiah House and Southwest Community Center. We deliver food to Wise Place, Isaiah House, and Santiago Canyon College.

For Questions or Comments, Please Contact
Cheryl Escoe  at 714-993-3917 or
Hollis O’Brien at 714-572-2190 or

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Avinu she’bashamayim: On this and every day remember your children, created in Your image, who hunger for bread and thirst for water. Take heed of all those who wander in search of food, whose worlds have gone dark through no fault of their own.

Excerpt from A Prayer for People Living In Hunger Around the World, By Rabbi Shai Held