Formal Education Programs for Children in Grades 3-6

Families with children in Grades 3-6 may choose either our traditional Religious School Program or our innovative Hebrew Connection-Family Learning Circle Program.

Traditional Religious School Program
Students attend classes twice a week, Sundays 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and Tuesdays 4:15 – 6:15 p.m.  On Sundays all students engage in Judaic Studies through core classes and also spend time on community building programs, Huggim (electives), Hebrew enrichment and Tefillah.  On Tuesdays students study Hebrew and participate in Huggim and Tefillah enrichment as well.

Jewish Studies: Our Jewish Studies sessions allow students to engage in deep learning in a fun and creative setting. We stretch our classroom walls, often moving lessons to our outside rotunda or lawn. We use art, drama, music, creative writing, and movement to bring Jewish texts, traditions, and ideas to life.  We strive to make Jewish learning relevant and engaging.

Hebrew Studies: At TBS, we teach students Hebrew through Behrman House’s Aleph-Bet Quest and Kol Yisrael programs. These newly released programs include a technology component that allows our students to engage in Hebrew instruction and games at home and in our school computer lab. Our teachers serve as facilitators and work with each individual student to help him/her learn Hebrew. We work not only to teach our students prayers, but also to ignite within them a connection to prayer and an articulation of spirituality. Along with basic prayer vocabulary and Hebrew reading skills, we help our students understand the heart of the prayers they are learning.

Hebrew Connection-Family Learning Circle Program
Students in our Hebrew Connection-Family Learning Circle (HC-FLC) program attend Jewish Studies classes on Sundays 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and are tutored in Hebrew once a week at a time and place of their convenience. Each year, HC-FLC students and parents are also expected to participate in array of educational and social activities in the TBS community. By engaging in these opportunities students and parents are able to better integrate into, socialize with, and contribute to the temple community.

In addition, HC-FLC students participate with their families in custom made family learning sessions and also have the opportunity to participate in TBS Youth Group events and various social action activities to meet the expectations of the program.

Hebrew Studies: Students in Grades 3-6 who enroll in our HC-FLC are matched with a TBS Hebrew tutor, who works one-on-one with that student during weekly individual Hebrew tutoring sessions. A private tutor meets with each student, either at the student’s home or at the Temple. We have found that individualized Hebrew instruction accelerates the Hebrew learning process and allows students to have deeper conversations about the prayers they are studying.

Adult & Family Education: As part of the HC-FLC program, students and parents can also engage in adult and family learning at TBS.  We offer Adult and Family Education courses on a variety of days and at a variety of times, with many of our adult education classes on Sunday mornings, while the children are in class. Parents are invited to choose from a variety of courses taught by skilled educators, including members of our senior staff.