Better Together – TBS High School and Chai Times Program

Temple Beth Sholom has been selected to participate in the Legacy Heritage Better Together Program. The Legacy Heritage Better Together Program is a two-year program designed to encourage meaningful interaction between young and old. Teen Kehillah (8th-12th grades) under the direction of Jodi Kaufman and Rabbi Heidi Cohen along with Cantor David Reinwald, Esther Levenson and Marla Elliott will be participating in the program with TBS’ Chai Times. Temple Beth Sholom is grateful for being chosen to participate in the Legacy Heritage Better Together Program and looks forward to sharing with our community how this program positively influences our students.

September 18, 2016
Opening Day Better Together

Our program started with our teens and seniors getting to know one another. We started with lunch – food is always a great ice breaker! Following lunch we read through a text and began a conversation about what objects are important in our lives and why. Students and seniors then discussed in small groups, if they had to leave their homes quickly, what five items would then take them with them and why. This allowed us to start discussing what is an heirloom, which will be the focus of this year’s program. Finally, we ended the day with a preliminary art project. Each person was given an art apron that will be used throughout the year as we begin to create our heirlooms. All participants then went around the room and signed each other’s aprons with a name or symbol.