Social Justice and Action

TBS Social Justice Mission Statement

Using the gifts, talents and resources God has given us, we will make a difference in our local and global communities by performing mitzvot and other acts of Tikkun Olam. We will connect to each other and our community by integrating social action in all areas of our congregation. We will serve as role models and inspire others in our community to become involved in the pursuit of justice and Tikkun Olam.

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TBS’ Social Justice Project – Addressing Homelessness

Join with community agencies to involve our congregation in multigenerational direct services activities to improve the conditions of those experiencing homelessness in our local community.

Get Involved
TBS members of all ages will have the opportunity to engage in our Social Justice projects through direct service projects with local agencies; advocacy through developing relationships with local government officials to discuss how our local cities are addressing the concerns of homelessness; congregational events including drives to support projects throughout Orange County as well as education opportunities to learn more about homelessness and how together we can create change.

Collection Drives

  • November: Creating centerpieces for Thanksgiving dinners at OC Shelters.
  • December: The Giving Tree Project
  • March: Honoring the Elderly – collecting items for mishloach manot (gift baskets) for seniors.
  • Throughout the year:
    • Kindness to Animals Collections – collecting items for dogs of those experiencing homelessness.

California is working on state-wide strategies for ending Chronic Homelessness. Legislation and funding that supports finding and developing housing is CRITICAL to fighting a good fight and LEVERAGING funding from the state/federal/private/public sources.
Some examples of this is AB-2162, SB744, SB-450.  There are multiple programs/initiatives available – No Place Like Home and Permanent Local Housing Allocation Program.

To find out more and lend your support, call your State Reps/Senators and Local officials, follow this link: Homeless and Housing Strategies for California.
Click here to find your local State Representative and Senator

Current Events and Interesting Links:

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America’s Largest Health Insurer Is Giving Apartments to Homeless People