Looking into the Face of a Newborn

by Cindy Grossberg I remember my dad once saying to me, “If I had known how wonderful grandchildren were, I would have had them first!” That was thirty years ago. It wasn’t until June 28th at 5:00 a.m. when I held my beautiful granddaughter, Libby Jane, that I understood. Nothing prepared me for that overwhelming […]

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My Bubbe Meise (Grandmother’s Tale)

By Donna Fliegler At the beginning of the last century, my grandmother, Yetta Post, left her parents and sister in the village of Suvalk Gubernia, Poland (which was then part of Russia) with her young husband, Sam, and baby son, my uncle Harry. Yetta and Sam had married when they were both sixteen as their […]

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Shabbat Shalom

By Barry Leshowitz In a pair of Shabbat messages, a dear family friend, Mat Kozinets and I, share our feelings about the passing of my wife, Phyllis. Aug 23, 2019 Hi Mat, Shabbat Shalom! I am so thankful to receive your Shabbat messages: Words can’t describe my feelings. Which brings me to a facet of […]

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Toward Serenity

by Donna Wolfe Reflecting on the year 5779 I see much that has happened or changed in my life, for example: Suffering both the losses of very dear ones and the gains of new intriguing friendships Taking the consciousness-raising I-Engage course here at TBS to examine what I believe as an American Jew about “my” […]

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I know there is a G-d

by Mitchell Cohen I know there is a G-d because the sun rises & sets every day I know there is a G-d when I see children & their parents do cartwheels on the TBS lawn before Havdalah I know there is a G-d when a friend or family member is best received with a […]

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Let the Sun Shine In

By Flossie Friedman Hiking and being in nature has always been a source of strength and peace for me, as it is for many others. Peter’s Canyon and Irvine Regional Park had been a “go to” place for us until the fires a couple of years ago, when it felt like we were gawking at […]

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Searching for Happiness

By Scott J. Friedman The title of this article in no way indicates I am suffering from a lack of happiness or an abundance of sadness. Even though cancer and its treatment left me with an unusual voice, poor vision, worse hearing, an inability to walk a straight line, and little ability to balance, neither […]

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Mitzvah Meals

By Cheryl Escoe When I was asked to manage the Mitzvah Meals program four years ago, I knew little about what I was in for.  I knew we prepared food each Sunday to be delivered to shelters in Orange County. I was taught how to use the computer program that managed the 100 plus names […]

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Women & Wine

September 26 @ 6:30 pm in the temple living room All current and former TBS preschool moms welcome! Bring a bottle of wine or snack to share Games and good times! For more info contact : ruth.aptaker@gmail.com or meganholbrook2011@gmail.com RSVP by September 23 Click here to RSVP

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People of the Book

By Monica Engel Book Clubs are amazing and I’m fortunate to be a member of two; one for 5 years during which I have read approximately 55 books. Some were engaging and thought-provoking and others were a waste of time.  I can’t remember reading any book more than once. I’ve been a member of my […]

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