Upcoming 75th Anniversary Events

We have a year of celebrations coming, we hope you can join us!

Here’s what coming up:
Next Torah Writing dates are March 4 & 5.
May 15 & 16 appointments are also available

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March 16th Denim & Diamond Shabbat – Celebrating the “75th of our 75th”!

Friday, March 16th is the 75th day of Temple Beth Sholom’s 75th year and YOU are invited to celebrate with us!Join us as we combine comfort and style. Everyone is welcome to wear your favorite denim to services (yes, jeans are a-okay) and also to dress yourself up with some “bling” if you wish.

Services begin at 7:30 p.m. in the sanctuary with some popular music from the 1970’s. You will have the opportunity to enjoy prayers in a whole new way!

Are you turning 75 this year? Have you already experienced your 75th birthday? We would love to honor you at this celebratory Shabbat. Finally, after services, everyone is invited to join us in the living room for a special oneg to continue the fun!

Friday, March 23rd With Rabbi Rick Jacobs

On Friday evening, March 23, we will celebrate a very important milestone in our history.  Officially this is the 75th Anniversary of Temple Beth Sholom.  To commemorate this event Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union of Reform Judaism will join us.






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